Wholesale Enquires


Welcome to bestgoldencrust bakery wholesale department. We specialise in a variety of Jamaican patties for wholesale basis. We can also deliver wholesale orders across the UK.  Collection from Unit A Blackhorse Mews Walthamstow E176SL

Jamaican Patties Wholesale

Flavours: Beef, cheesy beef, cheesy chicken, vegetable, Saltfish, ackee and saltfish, callaloo, chicken, lamb, jerk chicken and Coco bread, Pastry Patty dough, link seed coco bread

Bakes and Cakes

we do a variety of different bakes to choose from our menu board. Carrot cake, chocolate cake, red velvet cake, Fruit cake, Banana Cake, Marble Cake, Plain Cake, sugar Buns, Spice Bun, Gizzada, Coconut Turnover, Rock Cake, Roti skin


Contact us today to get your prices on Wholesale orders and place your order on 07882 991694

 Email: infobestgoldencrust@gmail.com